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Learn to become a modern React Native developer


When an application or software is native, it’s written for the computer’s natural operating system (OS). For example, a Playstation 5 game’s native platform is the Playstation 5 because it was designed for that specific device and OS. Native-run applications and native code typically provide a better user experience. They react native concepts perform better and faster because they were created to suit their particular platforms. In other words, your application will use the same programming platform as a native application, despite not being specially created for that device. As its official tagline states, React is a library for building user interfaces.

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It’s also recommended that a React Native programmer is proficient with JavaScript and especially with the ES6 syntax. Toptal offers a no-compromise solution to businesses undergoing rapid development and scale. Every engineer we’ve contracted through Toptal has quickly integrated into our team and held their work to the highest standard of quality while maintaining blazing development speed.

What is Expo React Native?

Dustin has been a professional full-stack engineer for over 15 years and has worked at companies and agencies, large and small. He’s passionate and dedicated to his craft and always goes the extra mile for his employers and clients. Dustin is well-versed in handling both startup and enterprise-level architecture and will tailor his solutions to the requirements of any given project. We need to add 1 point and 3 seconds to the timer if the player taps on the right tile, then generate a new color and increase the size of the grid if needed.

react native developers

JavaScript applications, web or mobile, are essentially an amalgamation of external libraries, most of which are open source. Third-party libraries should be used only after thorough mobile risk analysis. This principle refers to security best practices that help an application defend against chaining of vulnerabilities. Like web applications, mobile applications can be safeguarded against common risks such as data theft and code manipulation. Understandably, a React Native developer may not be the best orator around. This is because they will be a part of your team interaction and even some client meetings.

Introduction to Mobile Development

If it’s not configured securely, the application functionalities and data can be at risk. Lately, more applications are implementing these defensive controls in React Native code and not in native code. Consider the practice of restricting the application to non-jailbroken devices. When selecting a jailbreak detection library, analyze the implementation in the APIs used. If so, it is considered event-based and is easy to bypass, especially when there is a lack of other complementary defenses. This principle specifies that an application should only have permissions that are essential.

State management in React Native refers to the methodologies and tools used to handle, organize, and store an application’s dynamic data (state) as it grows in complexity. In this module, the basic structure and use of React Native is explored and demonstrated. You will learn to build a single page React Native app and style it using basic components such as View, Text and StyleSheet. Turing is trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world, including Pepsi, Dell, Disney, etc.

Job Description Template

I’ll call it colorblinder as this is the name of the game we’ll work on along the series, but you can call it whatever you want. They also have an online playground named Snacks where you can try out other people’s code online, or work on bite-sized projects without the need of creating a project in the CLI. State management can eliminate the need to pass data through multiple layers of components (known as “prop drilling”).

  • React Native takes the virtual DOM, generated by React based on the interface definition—i.e.
  • With this, you can access an objects (e.g. this.state) properties without writing out this.state.rgb, but by destructuring and then just typing in rgb.
  • In this module, the basic structure and use of React Native is explored and demonstrated.
  • Mobile applications tend to move logic and data storage to the client side, so obscurity is more important here than in web applications.
  • However, some things couldn’t be implemented the same way as in React, simply because web development’s logic differs from mobile.

Some mockups I made before starting the development, just to illustrate the main idea. We’ll use these illustrations along the course when building components. In the background, React-Native uses the same native building blocks as you would use while developing native apps with Swift, Java or Kotlin.

How do you style components in React Native?

Should applications accept the minimal but existent risk of leaking a user’s personal information or credentials? It is important to not only be conscious about where on the device this information is stored but also what kind of access controls are in place to defend against leaks. Mobile applications also allow deep linking, in which the application or a specific functionality within it is invoked from outside its sandbox.

Here is a list of questions interviewers should consider asking during the interview. Toptal’s ability to rapidly match our project with the best developers was just superb. The developers have become part of our team, and I’m amazed at the level of professional commitment each of them has demonstrated.

React Native v0.66.x released

Furthermore, the client on which the mobile application is installed and the server it is communicating with need a means through which they can trust each other. Most applications achieve this via certificate validation and certificate pinning, where trusted certificates are installed on the client. Also, the mobile operating system provides applications with a mechanism to predefine rules for secure network communication, such as Application Transport Security controls in the case of iOS. For example, the configuration “NSExceptionAllowsInsecureHTTPLoads,” which allows insecure communication over HTTP, should be limited to trusted domains. MobX is a react native state management library that makes it simple to connect the reactive data of your application with the UI. It’s based on reactive programming principles, primarily using observables, computed values, and reactions to track changes and update the UI efficiently and automatically.

My initial idea was to make the grids size the square root of the points – so when you reach 4 points it is 2, at 9 points it is 3, at 16 points it is 4, and so on. But I needed a minimum size for the grid (2) because before reaching that, there would be either zero or one tile. I also wanted a hard cap on the maximum size of the grid (it’s 5 in the example, but it could be any number you’d like).

A Definitive React-Native Guide for React Developers: Getting Started

“The technology industry is complex, and we believe there is space for all of us and for various frameworks, whether cross-platform or native mobile development,” Vinnik said. “Ultimately, the goal is to find the best fit for each use case and every team out there, and we believe more technologies and more people innovating in the space are better for everyone.” Mercari said in a blog post that it’s been able to reuse more than 95% of its React Native codebase across iOS and Android.