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5 Cloud Certifications to Start Your Cloud Career in 2023


You have the security skills to keep data in the cloud locked down and ensure cloud and hybrid environments are secure. You also have the know-how needed to school users — those lovably unavoidable soft spots in cybersecurity — on security best practices. This Microsoft Azure certification for beginners of both technical and non-technical backgrounds serves as proof that you get the basics of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in Azure. Let’s start your Azure journeyLooking to level up your cloud career? Our accessible, explain-it-like-I’m-five Azure cloud courses will help you hone your skills and go from a novice to a cloud guru.


There’s no cost to renew your certification, just make sure you pass the online assessment before your certification expires. Fundamentals certifications do not expire. The demand for this certification has increased significantly. As data sets grow, companies are looking to data scientists to uncover hidden trends and extract value from complex sets of data that will help inform business decisions. 96% of our students pass their certification on the first attempt with our camps. Azure for SAP Workloads Specialty – You’ll learn how to manage the operation of an SAP system on Azure.

Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert Certification

Think of them more like power-ups to make the cloud-career game a little easier for you — and potentially unlock some shortcuts to help you reach the next level. You can go here to browse the full library of Microsoft certifications (if you literally have nothing else to do right now). To prepare for this exam, take the AZ-305 Exam Preparation Learning Path on Cloud Academy. To get ready for this exam, you should check out the DP-300 Exam Preparation Learning Path on Cloud Academy. To get ready for this exam, check out the DP-100 Exam Preparation Learning Path on Cloud Academy.

This means you can easily find a job in the IT industry as Azure professionals are high in demand. Azure certifications are not hard to achieve provided that you allocate the necessary time to build the skills necessary to pass the exams. With the acceleration in cloud technology adoption, knowledge of working with the cloud is poised to become a valuable asset for IT professionals.

What is the cost of Azure cloud course?

You’ll implement solutions to manage, monitor, and transform IoT-related data, working with data engineers and others to ensure business integration. You have an in-depth understanding of cloud infrastructure, security, storage, data platforms, workload requirements, application creation and deployment, and more. IT pros and administrators who keep tabs on cloud assets and resources and manage cloud infrastructure should seek this cert. This exam gets (mistakenly) regarded as an entry-level exam, but there’s a monster-truckload of assumed knowledge you’ll need to know to pass and not get your AZ handed to you.

  • If you’re just starting to explore the IT space, you might want to consider an entry-level IT certification.
  • Beginners can start with the Azure Fundamentals certification and then become either Azure Administrators or Architects.
  • But they’re equally up for getting chatty about cloud with colleagues — helping pair teams with solutions and serving as a persuasive cloud evangelist to convert cloud naysayers.
  • This cert shows you’ve got the right stuff to recommend, plan, and implement Azure networking solutions — and manage those solutions for performance, resiliency, scalability, and security.
  • You have an in-depth understanding of cloud infrastructure, security, storage, data platforms, workload requirements, application creation and deployment, and more.
  • This course is completely online, so there’s no need to show up to a classroom in person.
  • Any certification that demonstrates your knowledge and expertise within the IT industry is certainly worth obtaining.

The content in the courses builds on information from earlier courses. The final course contains a practice exam that assesses your knowledge of the content covered in the previous courses. It makes the most sense to take them in the order they come in.

Is there a specific order in which I have to complete the Azure cloud engineer certification courses?

AI has quickly gone from the stuff of science fiction to an increasingly sought-after skill set. This cert shows you’re a step ahead of the curve and ready for a long, fruitful career (even after our robotic overlords have replaced all food with a flavorless life-sustaining sludge). You’ll architect and run AI tools using natural language processing, speech, computer vision, bots, and agents. You’ll find yourself an integral part of your organization’s data team, the steward of the crucial and sensitive information that informs your organization’s strategy and keeps the lights on. You’ll likely be working with various internal teams to figure out their needs and deliver solutions that meet those — and keep them firing on all cylinders.

  • The Learn Sandbox allows free, fixed-time access to a cloud subscription with no credit card required.
  • And wherever you are in your Azure adventure, stay up to date on all the latest Azure news with our original series Azure This Week.
  • Azure can feel more intuitive for developers with experience with Microsoft, and the integrations available in Microsoft-based enterprise environments can simplify development.
  • To prepare for this exam, check out the AZ-900 Exam Preparation Learning Path on Cloud Academy.
  • Once you’ve decided which cloud provider path is right for you, figuring out your next steps isn’t exactly a walk in the park either.

You’re capable of being trusted with the day-to-day operation and management of modern relational database solutions. You’ll likely work with Azure Data Engineer types to manage data platform solutions’ operation — and use your T-SQL knowledge to handle admin management. You’ll be equipped with the Azure understanding needed to help organizations get more out of their cloud investments — advising on, evaluating, managing, and optimizing Azure apps and services.

To get this Azure certification, you need to pass the AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam. The Azure fundamentals certification is designed to validate a foundational knowledge level of Azure cloud services. It is intended for both technical and non-technical candidates.

azure cloud engineer certification

Besides the value they’ll bring to your employer and your career, all the Azure certs can be obtained remotely, meaning you can get certified while working from home. This probably won’t be your deciding factor, but Azure offers one cool bonus. Last year, Microsoft rolled out some big certification renewal and expiration changes that make Azure certs free to renew indefinitely. This move makes Azure’s arguably the best certification renewal option out there.

The Azure training will help you develop the skills to design identity and governance solutions, data storage solutions, business continuity solutions, and infrastructure solutions. Microsoft offers a collection of self-paced content for all certification levels and specialty exams. These online learning paths contain videos and lessons that help you prepare for the certification exam. They are free to complete, or you can enroll in instructor-led classes for a fee. Edureka’s Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104 certification training will help you prepare for the Microsoft Azure Administrator certification exam.

azure cloud engineer certification

Azure certified professionals are among the highest-paid in the IT industry. Top earners may earn more than $180K per year while Azure Fundamentals holders azure cloud engineer start with $125K per year. Azure Virtual Desktop Speciality –  You’ll learn how to plan, deliver and manage virtual desktops and apps on Azure.